International Council on Archives

        Section for Archival Education and Training

Publications of the Section

To make the results of its projects, conferences and symposia available to the profession, the Section secured the speedy publication of its proceedings to its members.

Publications (since 2000):

Articles (since 2000):

  • Karen Anderson, Sigrid McCausland: Publications Review: The publications of Marian Hoy, in: Flash 25 (2012), p.24-25
  • Marian Hoy: SAE releases online directory of archival education and training institutions, in: Flash 22 (2011), p. 19
  • Marian Hoy: SAE: Doctoral candidates in archival science successfully defend their theses, in: Flash 20 (2010), p. 20-21
  • Geir Magnus Walderhaug: A new president for SAE, in. Flash 17 (2009), p. 12
  • Larry Eiring: SAE at the ICA Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in: Flash 16 (2008), p. 18
  • Jian Wang: Asia-Pacific Conference 2004, in: Flash 4 (200 4), p. 10
  • Karen Anderson: Archival edcuators join force through Regional conferences, in: Flash 4 (2004), p. 10

Conference Papers and Reports (since 2000)

Older Publications and Articles:

  • Papers from the 1998 Symposium in Salamenca (Spain), "Continuing education" are in Janus 1998.2 pp 116-141
  • Papers of the Seventh International Symposium in Austin were published in: Janus 1997.1 pp 7-50
  • Resolutions of 8th International Symposium, Beijing 1996
  • Janus 1996.2 pp 37-65 contains the papers of the 1996 Symposium in Beijing on "Distance education"
  • David B. Gracy II: Defying Nature or Second Nature?: Distance Education for Archival Enterprise in the United States; published 1996
  • Theo Thomassen, Archiefschool, the Netherlands: Getting Your Drivers License on the Electronic Highway: Archival Education in the Age of Transnational Data Communication; published 1996
  • Proceedings of the Regional Colloquium on Consequences of Political Changes in Eastern and Central Europe in Archival Education and Training (Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 1994), in ICA Studies no 7, Paris 1995, 97pp.
  • Papers of the Piraeus Symposium have been published in: JANUS 1993.2 pp 95-112
  • Proceedings of the Fourth International Colloquium on Archival Education and Training: "Archives: From On-the-job Training to University Education" (Montreal 1992), in Archivum, vol XXXIX, pp 485-532
  • In connection with the Third International Symposium, UNESCO published in 1992 a RAMP Study on Manuals and Textbooks for Training in Archives Education and Records Management prepared by a Committee member Pirkko Rastas.
  • Directory of Schools and Courses of Professional Training for Archivists has been published by Paule Rene-Bazin as ICA Studies no 6, Autumn 1992, 402 pp.
  • Proceedings: Third International Colloquium on Archival Training, the Hague 1990: "Manuals and Textbooks on Archives", and Symposium on Archive Training in Asia and Oceania, Beijing 1991, in JANUS 1991.2 pp 10-64 & 65-110.
  • The Second Colloquium of the Committee on Professional Education and Training (Milano, 1989), in: JANUS 1990.1 pp 21-
  • Proceedings of the First International Colloquium on Archival Education and Training (Paris, August 1988), in: ICA Studies no 4, Paris 1989, 108 pp.
  • 52.

Sets of audio-visual supports for archival training:

  • Archival Buildings by Michel Duchein
  • Seals by Stefiana Ricci and Aldo Martini





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