International Council on Archives

        Section for Archival Education and Training

Resolutions Adopted by the 8th International Symposium

September 1-2, 1996 Beijing, China

The Section is pleased to note the growing utilization of the concepts, technology, and methodology of distance education as a means of spreading access to archival education.

The Section encourages all archival educators to employ distance education as much as possible to increase the opportunities and to broaden the channels through which archivists receive both initial and continuing education.

Because effective teaching in the distance education format, as in the traditional classroom setting, employs a wide array of pedagogical techniques, the Section encourages archival educators to be especially attentive to modernizing the teaching of archi val enterprise by developing software, applications of multi-media capabilities, and other technologically up-to-date teaching aids.

Reaffirming one of its most basic missions, which is to promote cooperation and exchange among archival educators, the Section calls upon all archival educators to increase their participation in both individual and institutional programs for international exchange and cooperation.

Since the ICAEDS Listserv ( has replaced the printed newsletter as the primary means of communication among members of the Section, the Steering Committee urges all archival educators to subscribe to the Listserv at the earli est opportunity so as to contribute to exchange of information on curricula, course materials, experiments in education for archival enterprise, and the like, in order to enhance the teaching of Archival Enterprise around the world.

Proud of the newly published bibliography for teachers, ably edited by our colleague Theo Thomassen under the title What Students in Archival Science Learn, and recognizing that the value of any bibliography diminishes unless the compilation is kept up to date, the Section encourages all members to help maintain the currency of the bibliography by contributing to the planned annual updates.

The Section addresses its sincerest thanks to the Archives College of Renmin University of China for its contribution to the success of the Eighth International Symposium on Archival Education.

The Section expresses its warmest thanks to Professor Cao Xichen, Principal, Archives College; Professor Han Yumei; Professor Feng Huiling, Dean, Archives Department, Archives College; and Associate Professors Gong Xiaodong, An Xiaomi, and Ding Zhimin for the perfect organization and efficient running of the Symposium.

For the fine exhibition describing the Archives College of Renmin University of China, which is the largest program for education in archival enterprise in the world, the Section extends a special appreciation to all who participated in developing and mou nting the exhibit, especially to Lecturer Wang Jian, Associate Professor Zheng Xiaohua, and Lecturer Huang Gui Su.

Members of the Section wish especially to extend their deep appreciation to the students of the Archives College of Renmin University of China for the warm hospitality they have shown, and we look forward to welcoming them in the coming years into the ran ks of practicing archivists and archival educators.

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