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We are keen to receive as much feedback and peer review as possible, from both archives and records management practitioners, and educators and trainers. Please take the time to fill out the feedback form below; alternatively, you can email Margaret Crockett,, directly with your comments.

Looking for translation partnersWe are also looking for assistance in translating this Pack into other languages. If you can help, please contact Margaret Crockett,, or tick the relevant box in the feedback form below.

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Feedback on specific sections:
Planning a course: Establishing the training need
Planning a course: Logistics
Planning a course: Aims, objectives and learning outcomes
Planning a course: Content design
Budgeting and resources
Profiling learners
Methods of delivery: Selection
Methods of delivery: Developing and using case studies
Methods of delivery: Coursework
Methods of delivery: Distance learning
Methods of delivery: Class activities
Methods of delivery: Facilitated learning
Methods of delivery: Individual learning
Methods of delivery: Presentations and lectures
Teaching aids
Appendix: Training definitions
Appendix: Further reading
Appendix: Useful contacts


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Last updated: 20 December 2005