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Projects 2008-2012

In the term 2008- 2012 the section was running the following projects:

Survey of archival research and researchers

This project explores the critical issue of sharing and developing knowledge of research in the discipline of archives and records management across national boundaries, as the basis of future research strategies. Individual universities have begun to develop extensive research programmes, with successful grant-funded research, dissemination and doctoral research communities.
In a few countries, there are emerging national programmes of research (for example the AERI doctoral project in the USA, the work done on the research strategy in the Netherlands, and the emerging UK educators research framework).

ICA is in the unique position of offering a focus for researchers in our discipline working internationally. However the future development of research is greatly hampered by a lack of knowledge of existing research activity: sharing of this knowledge is an essential part of the framework for building future strength in our discipline.
Working together with SAE, academics and doctoral students from three countries (Karen Anderson, Elizabeth Shepherd, and Christophe Jacobs), have build some of the essential infrastructure and facilitate future developments.
The survey was done by Louise Ray and Elizabeth Shepherd. The work is reported on in an article published in JOLIS.


Digital recordkeeping curriculum resources

There is a need to develop avante-garde curriculum and resources for education and training modules about digital recordkeeping and preservation that can be delivered in house by archival organizations and professional associations at different levels of scope and depth. The modules could be offered in packages or separately. This curriculum development project was completed in 2012 and the modules are available for download. In 2013 ICA-SAE funded an introductory video


Online Directory of Archival Education

The ICA Section on Archival Education and Training has recently released its updated Online Directory of Archival Education and Training Institutions, superseding the former directory that was released in 2002 and accessible through the SAE website.

This new directory was made possible through funds provided by the ICA Programme Commission, for which the SAE is grateful. The project was managed by Prof. WANG Jian, of the School of Information Resource Management, Renmin University of China, Beijing and a team of dedicated students who designed, tested and implemented the website.

SAE encourages educators and trainers to register for membership at and add information to provide a readily accessible avenue for you to document your courses, at an introductory or detailed level. Information on the website is not a mark of endorsement by the SAE the website facilitates access to a free information resource that managed by the education or training institution. There are also guidelines to assist.

If you are an existing practitioner and want to undertake some study, this website, once more fully populated will give you an idea of what is on offer you can search by listing of organisation or by keyword.

If you are a practitioner and you know someone outside the archives and records community who is interested in studying in the field, this website will offer a starting place for options.

The website is accessible at: or through the SAE webpages on the ICA Website. It is early days and information is continually being added. The directory needs the input from education and training institutions for it to be truly successful and valuable to the international archives and records community both existing and potential. Plans are underway for a limited CD run for communities with limited internet access.


Training the Trainer Resource Pack

The Training the Trainer Pack seeks to fill a gap in local level expertise in delivering training about archives and records. Some archivists and records managers do not have access to formally trained educators or are not qualified themselves, but have to give training in their own organisation or community. The Pack can also support educators, by giving them a range of learning strategies and advice about training in cross cultural contexts. During the 2008-2012 planning period translations into Arabic and Chinese commenced, with a projected completion date of August 2012. Both these translations have been endorsed and funded through the ICA Programme Commission
Currently available translations



Older projects

Within the last terms of ICA, SAE has run several projects, which are finished. A short overview about these older projects you can find here.





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