International Council on Archives

        Section for Archival Education and Training

Training the Trainer Resource Pack

English Online version

Authors: Margaret Crockett and Janet Foster
Subject: Education and training
Language: English


The Training the Trainer resource pack is intended for anyone who wants some guidance or direction in planning, organising and delivering effective training for both professionals and support staff whatever their working or learning environment. The bulk of the pack addresses the various techniques for delivering training but it also covers the practical administrative tasks that are essential for successful training courses and which underpin the training content. The Training the Trainer project was part of the ICA Section for Archival Education and Training’s Medium Term Plan for 2000-2004, when the peer review draft came out. Peer comment was incorporated and the pack was completed in December 2005. The authors, Margaret Crockett and Janet Foster, are Co-Directors of the Archive-Skills Consultancy and based the pack on their experience of delivering both training the trainer courses and archives and records management training.

English online version of the Training the Trainer Pack

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