International Council on Archives

        Section for Archival Education and Training

Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement

The Section for Archival Education and Training is an professional networking group of the International Council on Archives (ICA) an international non-governmental organisation, dedicated to the effective management of records and the preservation, care and use of the world's archival heritage through its representation of records and archive professionals across the globe.

The ICA Section for Archival Education and Training (SAE) aims to provide a network for educators and trainers in archival science and all those interested in professional education and training and in research.

Education and training institutions, and educators and trainers in the field of archives and records have a crucial role to play in pursuing the establishment of a discipline of archival science which is scientifically and intellectually autonomous, administratively effective, and recognised by society. Teaching, research and development of teaching methods and preparation of tools are principal ways in which to reach these objectives.



Objectives of the Section

We seek to:

  • promote co-operation between archival training institutions in order to assist in the development of research and qualifications for record keeping around the world;
  • to disseminate information about educational opportunities and training activities for example through regional educational conferences and online directories of institutions teaching archives and records;
  • and to co-operate with other bodies of the ICA in the preparation of training materials.



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